Hi, i'm minty!


mintyfreshmangos | aro ace
any pronouns (she/they preferred) | 20+
i'm tired all the time!!
I spend most of my time drawing or thinking about what to draw next.
Mainly working on backgrounds / environments + oc stuff


commissionsOnly in emergencies or for charity
art tradesmaybe, dm me on toyhouse!
rpmaybe, see comfort meme

I'm not active on any social media site but above are some that are ok. I mostly just draw my ocs and my own worlds.


  • I'm an art school grad with a writing minor (sorry mom and dad but it turned out ok!)

  • I work full-time in the creative field as a designer and illustrator... if I don't get back to you, i'm probs panic drawing!

  • I use procreate or photoshop for almost everything but sometimes dip into sai if i'm stuck. Trying to get better at clip studio paint.


  • Tablet Pen

  • Cintiq

  • iPad

  • Procreate

  • Photoshop


  • mafia urban fantasy

  • supernatural | superhuman

  • modern day setting

Four ex-friends fight against each other over control of the Los Angeles underground.


  • dark academia + monster slaying

  • y2k, high school setting

Hunting nightmare creaturesCurrently WIP


  • fantasy sci-fi

  • politics (fun!)

In the far future, worlds are linked together using interdimensional travel. An organization called Inter-World Relationships (IWR) is set up as a peacekeeping, diplomatic operation. Their members act as mediators to disagreeing worlds, preventing wars and miscommunication and easing possible tensions.
Currently WIP as I convert the world info to a carrd